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Features and applications of silicon nitride ceramic substrate

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Company News
Features and applications of silicon nitride ceramic substrate
Latest company news about Features and applications of silicon nitride ceramic substrate

1. Technical features: high-strength and high-thermal conductivity silicon nitride ceramic substrate, its bending strength is 2-3 times that of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate, which can improve the strength and impact resistance of silicon nitride ceramic copper clad laminate, welding thicker oxygen-free Copper does not cause ceramic cracks, which improves the reliability of the substrate. By covering with a thick copper substrate, its thermal conductivity is 3-4 times that of the alumina ceramic substrate, which greatly improves the heat dissipation performance of the substrate and the current carrying capacity of the substrate Stronger, better overall substrate heat dissipation performance, lower thermal resistance, and stronger resistance to temperature shocks.
2. Scope of application: The silicon nitride ceramic substrate has the characteristics of high strength, high thermal conductivity and high reliability. A circuit can be made on the surface by a wet etching process, which is a high-reliability electronic substrate made after surface plating The substrate material for module packaging is an important substrate material for the 1681 power control module for new electric vehicles. In addition, the ceramic substrate industry also involves LED, fine ceramic preparation, thin-film metallization, yellow light lithography, laser forming, electrochemical plating, optical simulation, microelectronic welding and other fields of technology, products in power emitters, photovoltaic devices, IGBT modules , Power thyristors, resonator bases, semiconductor package carrier boards and other high-power optoelectronics and semiconductor devices have a wide range of applications.


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